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Choosing Pawz Dog Grooming 

Each time you visit us, we will discuss and agree what is best for your dog in terms of the treatments they will receive and the grooming style. The consultation on your first visit does take a little longer as we want to get to know you and your dog, so please allow a little extra time when you drop them off.  
When deciding what is best for your dog, we take into consideration your dog’s lifestyle, skin conditions, health issues and the condition of the coat as each of these can determine the best style for the dog and our grooming approach. 
We pay particular attention to any hand stripping needs, de-matting or flea treatments required - at Pawz Dog Grooming, we only want what is best for your dog. 
Pawz Dog Grooming has an ethical approach to everything we do and this approach extends to the products and equipment we choose as well.  
We condemn animal cruelty in all its forms including the testing of products on animals.  
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Treatment Price List A full description of each of the treatments is provided for you here Book your appointment on 07743 270797 

Small Breed Grooms, from... 
Medium Breed Grooms, from... 
Large Breed Grooms, from... 
Puppy Groom Package 
Bath & Brush, from... 
Groom Supplements  
(added to cost of groom) 
Excessive De-matting, from £5.00 
Flea Treatment, £5.00 
Additional Available Treatments 
(available to be booked without a groom) 
Nail Clipping and Trimming, £5.00 
Hand Stripping or De-shedding 
Small breed, £27.50 
Medium breed, £33.00 
Large breed, £38.00 
Refer A Friend!! - If you introduce a friend to Pawz Dog Grooming, we will give them £2.50 off their first groom with us to say welcome AND we will give you £2.50 off your next visit to say thank you, so go on, refer a friend. 

"So, what can your dog look forward to?" 

Full Groom - our full groom consists of a consultation with your nominated groomer to agree on the style and any additional needs. This is followed by a pre-groom, bath, brush, blow dry, full body styling, cleaning of eyes and ears and nails clipped. The groom also includes cuddles which are FREE. 
Groom Supplements - sometimes either before the groom and/or during the groom, we come across excessive matting. Matting can cause discomfort to your dog and so we spend extra time removing it. You will appreciate that as a result, we do need to charge a small supplement to recoup the cost of this extra time. Also if your dog needs a flea treatment, we will charge a supplement to cover the cost of the products required. Pawz Dog Grooming will always endeavour to make you aware of any additional charges before we carry out the treatment.  
Nail Clipping & Trimming - Healthy nails and claws go a long way towards keeping a happy dog. If you feel your dog would benefit from just having their nails trimmed between groom appointments, contact us and we can usually fit you in on the same day. 
Hand Stripping - Some breeds, for example Border Terriers and some Spaniels benefit from hand stripping. This technique involves pulling away loose hair, dead hair and the coarse coat hair. The result is a coat which is much smoother and softer to the touch. The majority of dogs are happy to be hand stripped although some owners prefer to have the dog clipped in a traditional grooming manner. Pawz Dog Grooming will agree which method suits you and your dog best but it should be noted that once a dog has been clipped it is not usually possible to hand strip at any later point due to hair regrowth. 
De-shedding - Labradors, Newfoundlands, Huskies and a number of other breeds are double coated or carry very thick coats. There is often a benefit to these breeds having the dewad undercoat removed particularly during moulting. Our de-shedding treatments includes a vigorous brushing and combing followed by the removal of all loose hair using a range tools designed for the task and aided by blasting the coat with the high powered drier. A soothing bath, blow dry and a final brushing will leave a much shinier coat, less mess in your home and a very happy dog.  
Bath & Brush - A cleansing bath, blow dry and a vigorous brushing will leave your dog with a much shinier coat. It is the perfect way to keep your dog looking lovely between full grooms.  
Puppy Groom Package - This package is designed for puppies between 3 and 6 months. It gives them a gentle introduction to the grooming environment with the emphasis on cuddles and fun so they do not suffer from anxiety when they are old enough for full grooming. The package is designed to include a bath, brush through of the coat, gentle blow dry, eyes and ears cleaned, paws tidied and nails clipped. If the dog is anxious, nervous or frightened, we may not complete all the tasks and will simply spend time playing to allow your puppy to associate Pawz Dog Grooming with fun, however the package is important to begin to establish the grooming regime. 
Don't delay - book your appointment by calling 07743 270797 

Dog Grooming Products 

We are happy to advise you on the best products to use on your dog between grooms in order to 
ensure they are always looking their very best.  
We can help with sourcing shampoos and brushes to suit your dog and your budget 
- just ask us!!  

Dog Walking 

A good walking regime is essential for a healthy dog. 
Your dog needs regular exercise in order to remain healthy and happy. Indeed, at Pawz Dog Grooming we are so keen on dog health that we are located opposite a park where we encourage our clients to take their dogs for a walk before a groom. It relaxes your dog and makes them more settled during the groom AND they go home looking spick and span!! 
A visit to Pawz Dog Grooming will bring benefits and rewards for your pooch pal. A groom to keep them clean and healthy. Cuddles and fun with our grooming team. A good walk in the park with you and a few tasty treats. What a perfect way to spend a morning or afternoon!! 
Here are a few great tips that we have picked up to ensure dog walking is fun and beneficial for you and your dog. 
Choosing the correct dog lead is vital and the number one rule is choose something which is comfortable in your hand and keeps you in control of an excitable dog.  
- Flexi-leads are great for walks in the park when your pooch pal can explore a bit further away from you. They are not recommended for pavements, areas of high foot fall, bicycle traffic or other dogs as they can lead to entanglement and accidents.  
- Metal chain leashes may look great but they can be uncomfortable in the hand. Having said that, they may work well for dogs who like to bite the leash as it will soon deter them. 
- Leather leads are the most comfortable on the hand and allow close control of your dog. 
- Nylon leashes can be very attractive and certainly hard wearing but they can give you a nasty burn on the palm if your dog pulls. 
During warmer months when walking in the park, keep your pooch pal safe from toxic lawn and garden products like insecticide and bark mulch. Also don't let your dog eat spring bulbs as plants like tulips and daffodils can cause significant stomach problems. Whilst in those warmer months, the insect repellant you may use on yourself is not suitable for your pet, so don't be tempted to share. 
The recipe for a great walk is: 
1. bring water for your dog and refreshments for yourself 
2. bring treats as walks are great training opportunities for tricks and obedience 
3. bring extra poop bags so you can clean up as you go 
4. mix it up - try new places so your dog can experience new sights, smells and sounds 
5. choose fabulous destinations to keep your dog engaged - walking the same route every day 
is as tedious for your dog as it is for you 
6. walk with pooch pals - hook up with other dogs, consider group walks as your dog gets new 
pals and guess what? So do you! 
The best recipe after a walk? Pawz Dog Grooming 07743 270797 
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